Biofeedback for high blood pressure

One of the many benefits of biofeedback training is lowering high blood pressure. Recent research has shown the connection between high blood pressure and impaired cognition. I totally agree – if your brain isnt getting the blood and oxygen it needs, or if youre feeling anxious which often causes high blood pressure, your brain wont work the way it should nor will you be able to concentrate. Check out this article.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy and systematic desensitization are so affective for anxiety disorders including phobias and PTSD. Biofeedback and neurofeedback tools help prepare the individual for exposure through training and gaining skills to self-regulate the physiological response to stress, known as fight or flight. Call me if you need more information regarding protocols.

Alcoholism Research

This is fascinating! I am so thankful for this discovery! If you are experiencing alcohol addiction, there is help. Neurofeedback is an effective addition to treatment and helps to rewire the brain which decreases cravingscraving, irritability, and anxiety. Call if you have questions.

Neurons and Fear

I love the research in our field. Systematic desensitization and exposure therapy can rewire the brain after trauma to help individuals. See the article attached and call me if you have questions regarding biofeedback or neurofeedback training and how these tools can help rewire the brain.

Exposure Therapy & Virtual Reality

Systematic desensitization- begin with training physiology to stressors and add in stressors via photos, videos, and augmented reality. Call for more information or set up an appointment and face your fears. See how effective it can be! Visit

The Chameleon Syndrome

When we blend in to protect ourselves from others and/or please others. This is damaging to one’s self leading to incongruencies between ideal self and real self. 

Biofeedback and neurofeedback are empowering and help to overcome this syndrome. Training validates experiences, increases understanding of maladaptive patterns, and helps individuals gain control over physiological responses. As a result, there becomes little need for protection. 

Don’t be a chameleon. The world likes it best when YOU show up. 

Save the chameleons for the rain forests and your 4 year old’s art projects.