Nature and Movement – the best medicine!

Mental health is not soley about your cognitive or emotional wellbeing, nor is it only about having a sound mind. You are not just a mind. You are not just a body. You are a whole person. To address mental health concerns, addressing all components of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model is needed. With a background in recreational therapy and an advocate for health and wellbeing, Dr. Fragedakis believes in therapeutic outlets. Her favorite way to decompress and stay active is through mountain biking. 

Integrating a holistic approach, therapeutic cycling provides an opportunity to group up with others and enjoy nature, engage in physical fitness, and overcome challenges; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Movement is a critical piece of a mental and emotional health. 

Rides are 40 minutes in length. Group up sessions post rides are 15 minutes in length.

Visit the websites below to read up on some of the benefits! 

Nature is healthy!

Biking is therapeutic!   

If you are interested, please contact Dr Fragedakis at 984-664-5495. You will also need to download the consent form and bring this with you to your first ride. 

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